Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wow--Another Wattpad Milestone!

I am so thrilled...literally!

Pinned but Fluttering reached #1 in the Thriller category on Wattpad. Wow!

I've written here before about why I think my stories do better on Wattpad than on Wattpad deals with stories in many genres, not merely fan fiction, plus Wattpad has a younger audience and thus my stories, which are more like PG/PG-13 level, do well there.

Don't get me wrong--I would *love* to have a following on too, but right now it isn't happening. There are just soooo many fan fics there and I don't have time to do stuff in their forums or on Twilighted to spread the word.

But right now I'm quite happy with my Wattpad fans, and my two or three consistent reviewers on And I am so happy to reach #1 in the Thriller category! Pinned but Fluttering also passed the 10,000 reads mark this week as well, plus I also surpassed 250 fans now, so I'm very happy about these milestones as well.

Over the weekend I'll be writing and posting Chapter 50 of Evening Star as I wind down that story in order to complete it by November 30 to enter the Wattys. the annual story awards at Wattpad. I may finish Evening Star for NaNoWriMo first, then proceed to writing chapters for Pinned but Fluttering.

Next goal: #1 in the Fan Fiction category on Wattpad; right now Pinned but Fluttering is at #13 and the high has been #12.

Have a wonderful evening all!

Keep writing bravely,


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