Friday, October 21, 2011

Entering a Poetry Contest on Wattpad

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Through another fan fiction writer on Wattpad, I read about a poetry contest on Wattpad that closes in four days. We were to write and post a "Manifesto Poem" which I did, along with another poem.

Both "Tone-Deaf?" and "Trailing Fingertips" ended up tonight ranked in the top poems, the former at #16 and the latter at #48.

I was also surprised to see both poems on Wattpad's "What's Hot" list today, "Tone-Deaf?," which I entered in the contest, at #232 and "Trailing Fingertips," which I also posted on, in #644.

I posted the latter as an AU from BPOV set a century after her marriage to Edward and transformation into a vampire. I thought I'd post it here for you as well:

Trailing Her Fingertips...

"True love lasts forever,"
she said,
trailing her fingertips
through their years.

Theirs had been the tale often told:
love entwining,
twisting time
into binding cords,
cutting her delicately
if she struggled--
the scars unseen.

Unless, of course,
one gently gauged
the depths of her eyes....

But no one did.

Copyright Cassandra Lowery/SMB
All Rights Reserved

So I'm hoping to bring more attention to my poetry and perhaps win a contest at Wattpad, and also bolster my postings.

I've received some really great comments today which is nicely encouraging, considering I'm still sick in bed after being down with a flu bug all week....

And some Pinned but Fluttering news.... It's remained at #1 on Wattpad's Thriller category and now edged into the Top Ten Fan Fictions at #10, also a new record.



I think I'm pinching myself...again.


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