Saturday, January 4, 2014

Fan Fiction Stories I Read in 2013

In the sidebar of this blog, I keep a list of the fan fiction stories I have read each year; I also keep a list on my computer of all of the fan fiction stories I have ever read so that I know whether or not I've read a story when the title kind of rings a distant bell. 

The image above of "The Cullen Legacy" by pattyrose illustrates Cassandra's Favorite Fan Fiction of 2013, with "Copy Room" by Edward's Eternal a close second.

All of these stories are complete and were read from unless noted otherwise (some are posted on Wattpad). Some stories may have been removed either by or by the authors as they revised them into original fiction books (or took them down for other reasons). 

And yes, I read a lot of fan fiction--about 165 multi-chaptered fan fics this year, plus 41 non-fan fiction books. With my health issues, sleep is often elusive, so I read on my Kindle until sleep overtakes me. 

So here is the list of the Fan Fiction stories I have read in 2013. 

Fan Fiction Stories Read in 2013 
(in alphabetical order)

"29 Dimensions" by Catastrophia 
"A Compendium of Thoughts" by ItIsRaining 
"A Different Kind of Pain" by Sparklingwand (re-read) 
"A Getty Romance" by rinabina 
"A Home for the Holidays" by CullensTwiMistress 
"A Life Less Ordinary" by CullensTwiMistress 
"Against the Odds" by knicnort3 
"All That Jazz" by javamomma0921 
"Always" by knicnort3 
"An Angel's Promise" (Angel #3) by drotuno 
"Anatomy of a Human" by Amethyst Jackson (re-read) 
"Angel's Embrace" (Angel #2) by drotuno 
"Arrogance and Animosity" by pattyrose 
"At What Cost?" by Artemis Leaena 
"At the End of the Day" by Edward's Eternal 
"Awaken" by EdwardsEternal 
"Bear Valley" by Lady Gwenydd (re-read) 
"Beautifully Sacred" by Ailisraevyn 
"Bella's Anatomy" by CullensTwiMistress 
"Beyond Time" by TKegl (reread) 
"Beyond the Break Room" by discordia81 
"Beyond the Scope" by Catastrophia 
"Black Diamond" by Dishie 
"Branching Inward" by LifeinTheSnow 
"Breathe" by knitchick (P&P) 
"Broken Angel" (Angel #1) by drotuno (re-read) 
"Chance Encounter" by Besotted 
"Clair de Lune" by Amberdeengirl 
"Clementines" by Nachos4Children (re-read) 
"Close to the Pin" by rinabina 
"Come Closer" by Chloe Masen 
"Come Home" by samekraemer 
"Coming Home" by Sarge's Girls 
"Complicated" by LyricalKris 
"Copy Room" by Edward's Eternal
"Cracks in the Pavement" by VampiresHaveLaws 
"Cullens Go to Hogwarts" by Erica.K.Bailey (crossover) 
"Cups Full of Wishes" by Chloe Masen 
"Days Like This" by Soft Ragoo 
"Departures" by TheFicChick 
"Don't Fight It" by tardis19 (Wattpad) 
"Don't Take the Girl" by Sparklingwand (re-read) 
"Down Home" by MrsSpaceCowboy 
"Dreamcatcher" by ocdmess 
"Easy as Pie" by Edward's Eternal 
"Eddie and the Cruisers" by Holly1980 
"Empty" by Hev99 
"Evermore Experience" by dejean Smith 
"Fall to Ruin One Day" by sleepyvalentina 
"Figmentum" by thimbles 
"Five Times They Never Met" by TheFicChick 
"Forgotten" by D-Twilighter/by DeePattinson (Wattpad) 
"Fortune Favors the Bold" by capricapra 
"Foul Territory" by rinabina 
"From This Day Forward" by HopeSparkles (re-read) 
"Frontline" by MissAlex 
"Grand Jete" by stella luna sky 
"Hands-On History" by dejean Smith 
"Hard to Love" by drotuno 
"Hatchet" by PrettyKittyArtist 
"Haunted Mindscapes" by Simaril 
"Heading West" by CullensTwiMistress 
"Heavenly Scent" by infinitypoet 
"Help Wanted" (and outtakes) by Jaxon22 
"Hide in Plain Sight" by FangMom 
"High Stays the Tide" by capricapra 
"Hit by Destiny" by ocdmess 
"I Hope You Dance" by Lissa Bryan 
"I Love You" by Dooba 
"I Thought I Loved You Then" by kyla713 
"I'm Not Falling for You" by ronOReds 
"In Plain Sight" by Dishie 
"In Pursuit" by Sarge's Girls 
"Indecent Proposal" by pattyrose (re-read) 
"It Begins Like This" by iambeagle 
"Just a Number" by LyricalKris 
"Let's Get Physical" by Lalina 
"Love Hurts" by LostinFanFiction 
"Love Rescue Me" by Emmamama88 
"Make Me Believe" by Lost In FanFiction 
"Masen Rules" by CaraNo 
"Meyer University" by Sh.C. (and re-read) 
"Mise-en-Place" by callmepagliacci 
"More Than Life" by tardis19 (Wattpad) 
"My Biggest Mistake, My Greatest Salvation" by LyricalKris 
"My Perfect Match" by HappyMess 
"Nature of Love" by drotuno 
"Nine Months: A Cullen Legacy Story" by pattyrose 
"Nobody's Little Girl" by HelloElla 
"O Holy Christmas" by CaraNo 
"On These Icy Waters" by kyla713 (one-shot) 
"One Weekend" by StormDragonfly 
"Only Human" by Amethyst Jackson (re-read) 
"Osa Bella" by myg 
"Out of the Mouths of Babes" by Edward's Eternal 
"Outbound" by aftrnoondlight 
"Penalty Shot" by Edward's Eternal 
"Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps" by ChocolateLoverr82 
"Professionally Personal" by DH78 
"Que Sera, Sera" by Livie79 
"Reality vs. Expectations" by BellaEdwardlover1991 
"Reassigned Identity" by Mk Marle 
"Rescission" by GeekChic12 
"Sandstone Cove" by cosmogirl7481 
"Serenity's Prayer" by ladylibre 
"Seven Days to Christmas" by CullensTwiMistress 
"She Speaks Fear and Truth" by ericastwilight 
"She Will Be Loved" by knicnort3 
"Sins of My Past" by content1 (re-read) 
"Sleep on the Floor" by sexycereal 
"Snapdragon" by PrettyKittyArtist 
"Stay" by FictionFreak95 
"Suddenly" by LyricalKris 
"Summer of Salt" by lola-pops 
"Swear Not by the Moon" by hmonster4 
"Take the Ice" by bellamarie117 (re-read) 
"Teacher of the Year" by DH78 
"Terms and Conditions Apply" by TheSaintsMistress 
"Terroir" by thimbles 
"The Back Road" by TallulahBelle 
"The Cullen Girl" by evieeden 
"The Cullen Legacy" by pattyrose 
"The Daily Grind" by Emotion Masen 
"The Disillusioned" by PhoenixRising25 
"The Harvest of Avarice" by Emmamama88 
"The Lady's Champion" by javamomma0921 
"The Loving Kind" by thimbles 
"The Mail Order Bride" by Lady Gwenydd (re-read) 
"The Man in Black" by PrettyKittyArtist (re-read) 
"The Music of the Night" by theladyingrey42 
"The Other Side of Me" by BelieveItOrNot 
"The Practice of Love" by belladonnacullen 
"The Practicum" by TheFicChick 
"The Runaway Bride" by A Cullen Wannabe 
"The Search" by Amber1983 
"The Short Sugar Plum Fairy" by Amberdeengirl 
"The Silver Lining" by kimpy 
"The Sound of Silence" by Besotted 
"The Space Between the Notes" by LyricalKris 
"The Tales of a Charming TruckNapper" by MK Marie 
"The Tide Is High" by capricapra 
"The Twelve Days of Christmas" by pattyrose 
"The Wallflower and the Flyboy" by A Cullen Wannabe (re-read) 
"These Hearts Adore" by YellowGlue 
"Through the Flames" by SparklingTwilight 
"Timing Is Everything" by Virginia May 
"Tomorrow Is Another Day" by LyricalKris 
"Touching Solitude" by catharticone (and re-read) 
"Twisted" by knicnort3 
"Unexpected Circumstances" by Savage7289 
"Unintended" by knicnort3 
"Unintended: A Loss of Faith" (alt ending) by knicnort3 
"Unrequited" by Perry Maxwell 
"Until Next Time" by Lost in Fanfiction 
"Vines" by FictionFreak95 
"Virgins and Villains" by Emmamama88 
"Voices" by coloradoperson 
"Waning Moon" by mpg 
"Washed Away" by Emotion Masen 
"We Could Run" by CaraNo 
"Whatever Comes Next" by HappyMess 
"When You Close Your Eyes" by Chloe Masen 
"Where Roads Converge" by FluffyLiz 
"White Lies" by netracullen 
"Wild Turkey" by tardis19 (Wattpad) 
"Win Some, Lose Some" by Savage7289 
"With or Without You" by Rochelle Allison 
"Work of Art" by abstract way 
"Wrap You in My Arms" by Emmamama88 
"Wrenfield Hall" by Wannabe Charlotte (re-read) 

In the sidebar near the bottom, I keep a list of my favorite fan fiction stories with links, and I'll also be starting my new fan fiction list for 2014 as well. In fact, I just added two fan fics to my 2014 list this morning. ;)  

Wishing you all happy reading for 2014,
Cassandra :)