Thursday, May 16, 2013

Some Recommendations for You

While I have been able to write little this winter and spring due to health issues, I've been reading fan fics like a madwoman. Since I have little to share on the writing front (I do have Chapter Three of Only by Moonlight drafted at least), I thought I'd share a few fics in progress as well as some completed fics that you may enjoy. 

Currently my WIP obsession is with Pattyrose's "The Cullen Legacy." It's a brilliant, sharp, poignant All-Human (AH) tale of Edward's leaving Bella after a weekend together seven years previously and the fallout from that weekend reverberating even to hopes for the White House. Pattyrose kindly updates twice weekly, Tuesdays and Fridays, with flashbacks to their past mixed with the repercussions in their present and future. It's my addiction; I simply can't let it go.  

On Wattpad I'm quite enamored with Tardis19's "Wild Turkey." A rather light AH high school love story with some angst here and there, it's a lovely romance. Tardis' completed stories are also brilliant with my favorite being "More Than Life" with Edward as a writer and Bella his editor. ;)  

I am also very much enjoying Twilover76's "Changing My Course." Bella is the daughter of the potential Republican presidential candidate who falls for Hollywood actor Edward--and sparks fly! Charlie and Renee (especially Renee) are hate-worthy in this story, and we can't help but love Edward's chutzpah in stealing Bella away from the limelight, her parents' expectations, and her smarmy fiance, James. 

As "Serenity's Prayer" by ladylibre draws to a close, her "Black Ice" (a Rosalie/Edward love/hate story) is really taking off. While part of me rebels against any story that's not Bella/Edward centered (okay, I can handle Bella/Carlisle stories, too), "Black Ice" is a story I read with the same sick fascination as gawking at an automobile wreck on the side of the road...although this story may end up more bloody by the end.... ;) 

And I am also drawn (moth to candle-like) to "A Second Chance" by DeePattinson on Wattpad (also on FFn under D-Twilighter: "A Second Chance") in which pregnant and recently-widowed Bella marries her stand-offish late husband's brother only a month after Riley's funeral; Edward has obviously been in love with his brother's wife for years. Very complex and poignant story, but it hasn't updated for a while. :( 

As for completed fics, I've read three of the four "Angel" stories by drotuno, lately finishing #3, "An Angel's Promise." The fourth "Angel" story is complete, but I like to read other stories between a series, so I'll try "Haunted Angel" over the summer. 

I've also very much enjoyed Emmamama88's "Virgins and Villains" (BPOV) and "Love Rescue Me" (EPOV). Actually, everything that Emmamama88 writes is absolutely brilliant. Check her stories out!! :) Her more recent (and still in progress) "Popsicle Sticks" is worth following. 

I've always loved SparkingWand's "Don't Take the Girl" which I recently re-read, and her current WIP "Compass" is delightful. SparklingWand is also posting on Wattpad under JeanneDoddMcDonald, so it's lovely to "see" her on a regular basis. :) 

A couple more completed stories I've enjoyed: "OsaBella" by myg was full of Quileute legends with the addition of bear shapeshifters as well as vampires as Bella, the high school psychologist, battles her bizarre and forbidden attraction to Edward, a high school senior. And HelloElla's "Nobody's Little Girl" was poignant and simply amazing, definitely one not to miss.

In addition, I list all of the completed fics I've read in the sidebar under "Fics I Have Read in 2013." You can see by the sheer length of the list that I've been doing much more reading than writing. :/

There. That should keep you all reading until I can complete the third chapter of Only by Moonlight. ;)


~Cassandra :)

PS And I have to add a new favorite that even made my Favorite Fan Fics Completed list in the sidebar: "Empty" by Hev99 is simply out-of-this-world good!! She's brilliant!!