Sunday, December 8, 2013

Only by Moonlight Nominated for Fandom Choice Awards!!

Wonderful news!!! 

Only by Moonlight has been nominated for Best Supporting Cast in the 2014 Fandom Choice Awards!! 

Basically, the Fandom Choice Awards are similar to the Academy Awards, but for Twilight Fan Fiction. Only the seven stories with the highest vote counts in each category become nominees, and voting is going on currently. :) 

Here's the link for voting: Fandom Choice Awards: Vampire

Voting is open from December 1, 2013--January 3, 2014. I would really appreciate your taking the time to vote for Only by Moonlight for Best Supporting Cast!!! (It's Question #25 of 29, so it's near the bottom.) 

I can't tell you how very THRILLED BEYOND WORDS I am about this nomination!! I couldn't be happier!!! 

And you make YOU happier, I just sent **two** chapters of Only by Moonlight to my amazing and uber-talented pre-reader, ladylibre, tonight. :)  They need a lot of work, but I hope to get the first chapter up within a week or so, and the second one up by Christmas. :)

So I thank all of those who nominated Only by Moonlight and I'll really thank you for voting!!!! 

And I especially thank ladylibre--this story would literally not exist if it weren't for her stellar and clever ideas. And I also thank all of my incredible readers on and all inspire me!! 

Doing a definite Happy Dance,
~Cassandra :)