Monday, December 24, 2012

Images from PbF Chapter 55

Here are some images from Pinned but Fluttering Chapter 55:

Here is Bella's locket:

And here is Edward's note, in his own handwriting --sorry if it's a little blurry, but you can at least see how he wrote it in his copperplate penmanship:

And the locket engraving:

Bella bouquet--missing a few of the flowers I listed in the chapter but containing most of them. Don't forget: Edward picked them himself and Alice tied the ribbons:

And Bella's dress...only about 4-6 inches longer, hitting her mid-calf, and worn with white peep-toe pumps:

Bella's shoes:

And Bella's hairstyle:

Thanks for reading Pinned but Fluttering!! 

Much love and a Joyous Christmas to you all,
~Cassandra :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Nearly There!

I have drafted the remaining chapters of Pinned but Fluttering during the craziness that was National Novel Writing Month 2012. Now I only have the epilogue left to write.

My posting schedule for PbF:

Chapter 53: Thursday 12/13
Chapter 54: Thursday 12/20
Chapter 55: Christmas Eve
Chapter 56: Thursday 12/27
Epilogue: New Years Eve

Because I'm not really into writing lemons, I'm saving the intimate scene for the epilogue so that readers who don't care to read lemons can merely skip it and be satisfied with the end of the story at Chapter 56. But for those who don't mind or enjoy reading such scenes, they can enjoy the epilogue. 

I have never written a lemon, so we'll have to see how it turns out. ;) 

But I'm really proud of all that I've accomplished with Pinned but Fluttering. While Evening Star, my first fan fiction story, enjoyed moderate success, the clamor over Pinned but Fluttering has been simply mind-blowing. 

On Wattpad, Pinned but Fluttering will reach 1.3 million reads by this weekend (officially it's at 1,298,880 reads as I compose this post, with over 8,000 votes and 6,235 comments). Its success on has been more mellow but still flattering at nearly 150,000 hits and almost 1500 reviews between the regular story and the separate outtakes. 

Evening Star remains somewhat popular with over 750,000 reads on Wattpad and nearly 40,000 hits on I'm toying with writing a sequel to this first story, starting with Edward and Bella's reunion in Volterra, then covering the gap between New Moon and Eclipse. We'll see. 

I also have an idea for an original paranormal-type story. A few ideas, actually. We'll see how they pan out. One idea is such that I can write it as fan fiction but easily change the names and details later to make it original. Again, we'll see. 

But right now I'm thrilled to be almost finished with a story I started in August 2011. Yay!!

Thanks for reading!!