Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chapter 7 of Pinned but Fluttering Now Posted

New Pinned but Fluttering cover designed on Wattpad by ExxIce

Yes, I updated Pinned but Fluttering early this morning, posting my longest chapter thus far. It's already racing up the lists on Wattpad, reaching #2 in the Thriller category and #8 (a new high) in the Fan Fiction category.

A couple of days ago, Chapter 50 of Evening Star reached a new high, #9 in the Fan Fiction category; currently it's ranked at #16.

I'm gearing up for NaNoWriMo, with the Prologue of Pinned but Fluttering posted. Somehow I need to complete Evening Star before the end of November. I'm thinking about having a marathon writing session this weekend try try to complete it. I really only need three more chapters, perhaps four. I might just be able to pull it off and finish with a bang.

And isn't the new cover for Pinned but Fluttering amazing? A sweet fan on Wattpad just e-mailed it to me out of the blue. ExxIce did a lovely job of picking up the pathos of the story. I love it. And another friend on Wattpad offered today to design new covers for both books! I told her that I already had covers, so she should perhaps design for people who didn't, but she likes to design for her favorite stories, so I gave her the "go ahead," if she'd like. I'll post them when I receive them....

So that's the current news. I'm up far later than I should be, but essays must get graded and homeschooling must happen. And addictive fan fics must be read, of course....

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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