Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chapter Fifty of Evening Star Now Posted!

Tonight I posted Chapter Fifty of Evening Star on both and See sidebar for links to both sites.

I can't believe that I've posted fifty chapters in just over eleven months. I started posting Evening Star on November 17, 2010 on Wattpad, adding it to Fan Fiction a little over a month later.

And soon we'll be entering New Moon territory where the story will end. I think I've figured out a way for Edward to tell his side of the story without quoting too much from New Moon. I know that I'll have to quote some dialog here and there, but I really want to keep it to a minimum while still showing Edward's reaction to the early events in Meyer's second book of the quadrilogy. (Is "quadrilogy" really a word?)

I also wish to direct your attention to the lovely new cover for Pinned but Fluttering at the top of the sidebar, created by Wattpad fan Exxlce. I never asked for a cover--she just made one out of the blue because she liked the story so much. Isn't she a gem? It's lovely and haunting and everything I would want in a cover. It's a vast improvement over my quickie five-minute job sans PhotoShop.

I'm still taken in by solosintwilight's In Your World because I have had a crush on the Amish lifestyle since I was eight years old and my dad brought me a sunbonnet from Amish country in Ohio where he grew up.

And I'm positively addicted to CaraNo's River which updates in snippets several times a day.

So those are the two WIPs I'm following avidly, along with Nolebucgrl's Words with Friends (BPOV) and Words with Strangers (EPOV) which will both update on Wednesday. I'm counting the hours until she updates....

Have a lovely week!!


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