Her Wedding Day

"Her Wedding Day" may be enjoyed in its entirety on Wattpad or FanFiction. Beneath the book cover, you'll find an excerpt from the beginning of the story.

Book Cover by Cassandra Lowery

Her Wedding Day       
Fan Fiction by Cassandra Lowery

Disclaimer: All elements of the Twilight books are the intellectual property of Stephanie Meyer. This derivative work is intended for entertainment only and is not intended for profit. I only wish to play with her characters and in her world....

            She was utterly breathtaking.
            Sure, she wobbled just a little as she started down the aisle on her father's arm. Only my sharpened sight noticed the slight catch in her stride and the nervous tightening of her hand on Charlie's arm.
            But that was my Bella.
            She was concentrating on each step so hard, her face strangely serious. I couldn't help smirking just slightly at her worried expression; tripping over her own feet was her greatest fear this day...not the fact that she was marrying a non-human, mythical being, a dangerous beast in the form of a man.
            No, wedding herself to a monster did not concern my Bella in the least, of course. As long as she didn't fall, she'd be fine. I smiled wryly; my girl was an extraordinarily fearless woman.
            No matter how long I lived, I would never deserve her—such an entrancing combination of strength and fragility, of fierce loyalty and abiding love.
            I felt my love for her swell my heart.
            I had never loved her so much as I did at this very moment.
            Once she raised her eyes from the ground on which she carefully stepped, her beautiful brown eyes latched onto mine, and I could see nothing else.
            I'm sure that her dress was perfect—lovely and graceful on her slim form, modestly outlining her curves in a way that would drive me distracted later.
            Later...much later...I would peel that dress off of my beloved, and slowly, surely, we would become one in body as we were becoming one in heart, mind, and soul in mere moments.  
            But I couldn't focus on her dress now; I could only see her warm, chocolate eyes—melted chocolate—as warmth and emotion filled them. I could feel my own eyes burning oddly, too.
            Our love was like that...full, warm, complete.
            It seemed as though it took hours for Charlie to walk his daughter down the aisle, but it was only a few seconds.
            But somehow, during the passage of these mere seconds, I changed...from a boy to a man. My age and appearance may remain the same, but I would never be a boy again.
            I was ready, so ready, to step up and become the husband of Isabella Marie Swan.
            After seeming eons of gazing deeply into each others' souls as she drew ever nearer on her father's arm, she was here.
            At my side.
            Charlie slowly removed her trembling hand from his arm, and, giving me one last glare of warning to never hurt his angel, he placed her hand in my much larger one, clasping our joined hands together inside both of his in silent blessing.
            My eyes burned again with the depth of my emotion at the fierce love in Charlie Swan's eyes for Bella shone forth as his only daughter prepared to give up his name and take mine instead.
            I nodded to him, acknowledging his warning...and promising with earnest eyes to cherish her, always.
            He nodded back, his face severe with emotion, sealing our covenant.
            He may be only human, but Charlie would hunt me down and kill me (or at least attempt to do so) if I ever let Bella down.
            And I wouldn't.

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