Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reactions to "Pinned but Fluttering"

Wow. The reactions to a mere 500-word Prologue to Pinned but Fluttering has been so encouraging!! I'm quite blown away.

On Wattpad I have a few reads (like 16 as I type this) and two comments from some solid Evening Star fans. Now there Evening Star is extremely popular with 84,000 reads over 43 chapters, 860 votes, over 700 comments. It's currently the #22 Fan Fic on all of Wattpad, which is about as high as it gets a couple of days following posting a new chapter.

What I've been more surprised about has been the reaction on There the reactions to Evening Star has been lukewarm with only 117 reviews over 43 chapters, but has over 13,000 hits, 59 "favorites" (readers who list it on their profile as a favorite story), and 34 "alerts" (readers receiving e-mail notifications when a new chapter is posted. I already have 2 favorites and 4 alerts on for Pinned but Fluttering which isn't bad considering that it's a mere 430 words right now; Evening Star will be breaking 100,000 words with the next chapter.

And the best thing was the enthusiastic review on from my favorite reader there, the lovely NM. Tonight she wrote me:

Cassie! Are what my eyes are seeing could possibly be true? You're writing a new story? Holy crap bubbles! WOO! I'm so happy for you!

Alright, on to the review! (Sheesh, two reviews in one day? You are working it, woman! :D) This seems pretty intense. I already want to know what's freakin' wrong with her! What is she trying to get out of? I know you won't tell me, but now I need to know! Good lord, remind me to never leave a teasing prologue again, I just got a heaping does of my own medication. :D

I'm really excited for you Cassandra, and I can't wait to see how you take this little seed and develop it into a beautiful blossoming flower. (That's what my mom told me when I started writing my story.)

Can't wait to continue reading this! Best of luck with it, hun! :)

Wow! I am blown away by her wonderful encouragement!! And she just sent me a fabulous review this morning of Chapter 43: Loss of Control for Evening Star, so she's been a busy woman....

So, anyway, if you'd like to check out either story or my profiles on Wattpad and/or, just click on the links in the sidebar.

Thanks for your support!!! Now it's off to bed with me at it's nearly 2:00 AM! ("But the house is so lovely, cool, and quiet," protesteth the writer. "Once must take advantage of silence and solitude in a house of six people and one spoiled dachshund, mustn't one?")

Keep reading and writing, my friends!

--Cassandra :)

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