Friday, August 19, 2011


Now that Evening Star is approaching its end, I thought it might be nice to start a blog in order to reserve a little space in the Internet world for my wee story.

This week I had more time than usual to devote to ES as my middle son is taking a prep class for high school algebra as he enters ninth grade later this month. Being stuck in the next major town, a twenty-minute drive from our home, gave me time to compose, either in the very noisy library (I much prefer my small town's lovely and fairly peaceful library!) or in the Starbucks. So I've posted two chapters this week.

Chapter 43: Losing Control practically wrote itself. In fact, I was on such a roll in the same sitting that I started on Chapter 44: Repercussions.

My hope is to get Chapter 44 posted on Monday as my weekend looks busy.

Another reason I started this blog is that writing ES is very definitely eating into my regular, In-Real-Life blogging. I have been pouring all my creative energy into fan fiction, and I was feeling a little guilty about neglecting my other writings.

Especially since I am not a fiction writer by nature.

So here we are, the first blog post here under my pen name. It feels good to finally write about this project at long last; after all, I started it in November 2010 on Wattpad and added it to in early 2011.

I spend so much time teaching writing that I don't have much time to write myself. I was hoping to write more over this summer, but my poor body needed REST. So I devoted myself to reading fac fics, mostly at I've listed by favorite completed fics for you in the sidebar; I'll probably mention several that I'm reading as we proceed through this blog.

So, welcome to my little place here to talk fan fics, particularly those of the Twilight persuasion...

Please feel free to introduce yourself in the comments section!! I'd love to get to know some of you better!


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