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Excerpt from Chapter 30 of Pinned but Fluttering

I've started writing the much-anticipated Chapter 30 of Pinned but Fluttering. Yep, last night at nearly two in the morning, I sat in my bathroom, scribbling dialogue and details onto two-inch-square Christmas-themed Post-Its. I ended up with seven closely-written Post-Its that I transcribed with my now-beloved Dragon Speech-to-Text software this afternoon.

Because I left my readers hanging with a fairly nasty cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 29, then posted an Outtake after Chapter 28 (in Edward's POV, no less), I felt that you all deserved a sneak peek into Chapter 30.

NOTE: This is a very rough draft of the first words of the chapter; they may be altered quite a bit in the final draft. (Or not.)  And it's fairly short....

Okay, you ready for this????

Chapter 30

"Edward? Please," came Carlisle's clear voice, clipped and tight with stress.

At long last, Edward halted his manic pacing, electing to lean against the wall nearest the grand staircase. He rested the back of his head against the wall, closing his eyes and sighing dramatically. His face was drawn, as if he were being pulled to pieces on some medieval torture device. I could not figure him out for the life of me...but I found myself relaxing slightly as his frantic movements finally stilled. But his agonized expression kept me tense with a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach....

The lovely Rosalie rolled her eyes in perturbation at Edward's melancholy histronics, apparently quite at the end of her extremely limited patience when it came to Edward...or me.

My eyes flew from one Cullen to the next, noting the too–serious expression in every single pair of golden eyes. Everyone was strung nearly as tightly as Edward...and that was really saying something. Even Esme and Carlisle looked abnormally anxious, exchanging frequent and rapid glances of reassurance to one another.

After sending each of his family members a silent warning to let him speak--something I caught onto but probably wasn't supposed to--Carlisle leaned forward, his jaw tight with concern as he spoke quietly. "I'm nearly certain that you have some questions for us, Isabella. Am I correct in this assumption?"

My throat suddenly seemed desert–dry. Clearing my throat once, then twice, it still remained too dry for speaking. Panicked, I looked to Esme, my hand raised to my neck in a silent plea for a drink.

Nodding in understanding, Esme disappeared for a moment, then re-entered the room with a tray bearing a full crystal pitcher and three tall tea glasses which she set on the coffee table before me. Carlisle reached for the pitcher, which seemed to be filled with lemonade, and poured half a glass, silently passing it to me. Grasping the tall glass in both hands, I gulped down several swallows of the sweet-tart lemonade. It was so like Esme to consider my comfort above all else and make me one of my favorite drinks, even during this extremely tense time. I nearly choked in my eagerness to drink, and, as I spluttered, my eyes flew to Emmett who was attempting to stifle a laugh behind his huge hand.... I muffled my smile, realizing that humor was highly inappropriate in this tense setting.

At my awkward spluttering, Edward had pushed off from his position along the wall as if to help me. Apparently he determined that I was only klutzy and in no real danger as he woodenly turned away, the fingers of one hand gripping the bridge of his nose, and returned to his place against the wall...all without uttering a sound.

I took another long--and this time slow--drink from the glass, then set it down carefully on the tray. Before I responded, I looked into Carlisle's eyes which had always calmed me before--but his obvious worry brought me no peace this time.

I would have to answer his question, remembering how he had spoken, quietly fearful, as if my reply could ruin a great deal.

As perhaps it could....

"Yes," I managed to croak at long last, looking only at Carlisle. I swallowed nervously, then continued, "Yes, I have some questions for you."

I took a deep breath, and then the questions began pouring from my lips in an uncontrolled rush....

There! I hope you enjoyed the beginning of Chapter 30. I hope that it all falls together well as it's a pivotal chapter in the story.

Thanks for reading and for supporting me so beautifully!!!!

With love to you all,

Cassandra :)


  1. *Oomph.*
    You're killing me here, woman. Like literally, killing me. The wait for this chapter is going to be like pulling teeth. The anxiety is making me nerve-shot! (In the best of ways.)
    But, all the best things in life are worth waiting for. So I'm now going to tweedle my thumbs in a facade of patience. ;)
    Toodles! Shoot, I could have used *that* in the rhyme!

    1. Sorry to make your wait more difficult, sweetie!! :) I'm working on this chapter and may have it up at least a day early, depending how much work I have to do in my Little Women Lit Analysis class at Brave Writer.

      How are you doing? Still struggling with insomnia? How's the job going? E-mail me!! :)

      Me :)

  2. THANKFULLY, your concept of a "short excerpt" and mine are rather different. That was such a juicy, tense preview that I think I might actually survive until the next chapter is posted.


    I hope.

    A girl can dream, right?

  3. Well, the chapter may be up as early as tonight. I just can't leave it alone, LOL! ;) And the excerpt started as very short...but then I started adding more detail after I pasted it in here, so much so that I had to copy and paste what I had here on my blog and insert it into my chapter in Word! ;)

    And I'm hoping to write an EPOV story from New Moon or Eclipse during my two-week Easter Break. I have a lot to do during the break, including reading The Merchant of Venice and preparing my Fan Fiction Class for this summer at Brave Writer, working on a book with my chiropractor, and catch up with several neglected projects. But I'm so addicted to writing in EPOV that the last Outtake re-whetted my need to write from his mind/heart again. ;) He's just soooooo addicting!! :)

    Have a lovely Friday, and let's hope I cna finish Chapter 30 tonight!!! :)

    Me :)


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