Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wins and Losses....

As noted below, a week ago I received an e-mail from Wattpad, stating that Evening Star had been chosen for Wattpad's Valentine's Special on their mobile apps. Our middle son loaded the Wattpad app onto his iPod Touch and the Valentine's Special consisted of only 15 stories; Evening Star was listed on the bottom of the first page.

I noted in my previous post that Evening Star had jumped from 192,000 reads to 214,000 in just a day. Well, as of this evening, Evening Star just passed 427,000 reads and Pinned but Fluttering has passed 180,000 reads and has stayed at #1 in the Thriller genre for the past few days since I updated it Sunday evening.

So I'm tickled fuchsia over this wonderful development on Wattpad. There are many stories with more reads than mine, but I am simply thrilled with where my little fan fics are right now.

Unfortunately, I did not win either the Best Vamp category for Pinned but Fluttering nor the Best Story/Rising Star category for Evening Star on The Hidden Star Awards. I knew that I didn't have much of a chance, but it was still fun and exciting to enter!!

So I shall return to writing my fan fics and preparing for two workshops I'm teaching at our local Bible Camp for their huge Women's Retreats. I'll be teaching one the day after my birthday and one the next Saturday as well. One will be on journaling, and the other on blogging; the theme of the retreat is "Leaving a Legacy." I have tons of prep to do, so I may take a day or two and write in a lodge room on the retreat grounds next week. We'll see.

So the next chapter of Pinned but Fluttering will be up over the weekend. Because I'll be away the following weekend for our own church's retreat, I may try to write the following chapter a bit early so that I can still post the chapter for next weekend on time. ;)

So keep on reading and writing, my friends!! Take care, all!!

Lotsa love,
Cassandra :)

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