Friday, February 10, 2012

Wattpad's Valentine's Special

Last night when I logged into Wattpad, I noticed something interesting. My reading stats for Evening Star had taken a huge jump upward, going from 192,000 reads yesterday morning to passing 200,000 reads last night. I jumped and hoorayed and generally annoyed my family to no end. Because this is big news, right?

So this morning I was even more surprised to see the reader stats for Evening Star jump to nearly 214,000 reads. While I pondered this extremely welcome but rather confusing state of my long-finished story, I received this rather intriguing e-mail:


Just wanted to let you know that your story has been selected for inclusion on our Valentine's Special on Wattpad's mobile apps. If you want to check it out, log into your Wattpad app on your mobile device. The story will be listed under "Valentine's Special". Please let me know if you have any questions.

We're really excited about featuring you. Thanks for your wonderful work :)

All the best,

Maria Cootauco
Community Engagement Manager

Although they don't mention which story was included in their "Valentine's Special," I'm making the assumption that it's Evening Star. ;)

That's sooooo cool!!! :)

In addition, voting begins TODAY and finishes on SUNDAY for the Hidden Star Awards!! Click here to vote for both Evening Star as "Best Story/Rising Star Award" and Pinned but Fluttering as "Best Vamp."

I'll post another reminder to vote tomorrow!!

Flying high today,
Cassandra :)


  1. Dude! That's so awesome! That's completely and utterly amazing! Now I wish I had that Wattpad app, just so I could see it! I'm so happy for you, hun. You really deserve it. It makes me feel incredible when I see how well your stories are doing. Yay! Love ya, girlfriend! :D

    1. Yeah, I made Jonathan download the Wattpad app onto his iPod Touch just so I could see it. It's incredible the number of reads I'm getting!! Wow!!

      This morning the reads for Evening Star is at 255,000!!! That's 63,000 reads in like 60 hours. OMG!!!!!

      Thanks, sweetie!! Oh, and I asked everyone on Wattpad to vote for you this weekend for the Hidden Star Awards. :) I doubt I'll win, either--I'm up against Aleeab4u also. But it's fun to be nominated!! :)


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