Sunday, January 29, 2012

Another One-Shot in the Works

Okay, I'm working on a new one-shot for all of you, but before I can finish it, I need your professional advice.

Which Wattpad book cover should I use????

Please comment below with your choice!

Choice #1 with "Film Texture"

Choice #2 without Film Texture and a different title font

Choice #3 (although the first one I created)

So, in addition to choosing the Wattpad book cover, I thought I'd give you all a little sneak-peek at "The Long Night," a one-shot written in Edward's POV of a certain incident in Eclipse. Please keep in mind that this excerpt is from the first draft, with no editing:

“Bella?” Charlie called to her, and I heard her creeping past the back of his sofa stop and the whisk of air as she turned to face him.

I heard his gasp as he took in Bella's bedraggled appearance, her red, swollen eyes still leaking tears down her drawn, set face, her arms folded defensively.
His mind immediately jumped to the worst-case scenario: Jacob had died from his injuries sustained in his “motorcycle accident.” Why else would Bella be so horribly upset—crying like he had never seen her cry...even after “he” (meaning myself) had left her.

That hurt...knowing that he'd never seen Bella so upset over my absence as she was now. Not that I wanted her to suffer—God no! But Charlie's thoughts had planted an insidious seed, one that I should try to kill off before it germinated.

But it already had.

Perhaps Bella was saying “goodbye” to the wrong one of us.

If she was suffering so dreadfully over Jacob—and had not suffered so when I had left—then she would be miserable with me.

She must be staying with me out of some misguided sense of honor—of not wanting to break her word to me, not want to let me down.

Bella knew what I was capable of—my mad dash to destroy myself in Volterra just a few months ago must have affected her more than I knew. Perhaps she was afraid that I would attempt suicide again if she left, so she stayed with me out of a misplaced sense of guilt, not wanting to cause anyone harm—not me, not my family if I should be successful this time.

So she was willing to sacrifice her feelings for Jacob—her love for Jacob, for she admitted to me today that she did indeed love him—to keep me safe.
That was exactly the kind of thing Bella would do.

And the agony that accompanied this realization was unspeakable...the only time I had been in worse pain was during those indescribable twenty-four hours during which I thought she was dead in March.

O God—what have I done?

I couldn't allow Bella to sacrifice her happiness for my sake. Although it would be agonizing, I needed to let her go so that she could pursue the one she truly loved.

Engagement or no engagement.

I hope to have the entire story up by tonight, tomorrow at the latest. So please, comment on which cover you prefer and on the bit of the first draft I've posted here.

Thanks ever so.

Cassandra :)


  1. Wow! This is awesome.
    With the covers; I love them all but my favourite would have to be the first one!

  2. Geez, woman ... I'm torn. Now, keeping in mind that I like *all* of them, (and I mean that sincerely) I think I'm leaning towards the one where it's the side of his face. There's just so much *there*, you know? :) But I also like the film texture one. I don't know! I'm torn! But I think I'll go with the one of the side of his face. But I'm happy with any of them! :D
    By the way, I'm dying for this outtake now. I'm not sure what to be more anxious for; the other half of Carlisle's outtake, Edward's little story, or the next chapter of PbF! You are tearing me apart, woman! :D

  3. Thank you, ladies, for your input!!! I appreciate it!! :)


  4. They are all amazing--I mean, it's Edward. Hello?!-- but I am completely in love with the first one. There's something haunting and beautiful in his expression, aided, I think, by the film texture. And I love the way the title font seems to grow as it crawls down the side.

    Sorry I didn't reply before now. I knew there was something I was supposed to do!

    1. I was leaning toward the third one because of the above comments, plus my daughter's input, but my favorite is the first one. I'm still undecided; I'll figure it out as I do the revisions later today; I could have the story up by tonight--it's 19 pages (9000 words) in first draft form! :) And I always add more when I revise. :) Thanks for your input, sweetie!! You're definitely changing my mind about which cover to use!! :)


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