Friday, January 20, 2012

New One Shot Started....

It's been a crazy-busy month for me. I've started a new one-shot called Her Wedding Day at least. I'm working on Chapter 24 of Pinned but Fluttering, plus I have serious plans to write an outtake of Chapter 23 from Carlisle's POV, including Bella's arrival at the hospital, her treatment, and the meeting with the wolfpack. So we'll see how all these things come together.

And on Wattpad, Pinned but Fluttering just reached 2,000 votes and 2,000 comments and also passed 115,000 reads. Wow!!! My Wattpad readers just blow me away with their extraordinary kindness and manic enthusiasm! It's wonderful writing for them.

And the best thing about writing these stories? The friendships I've made. On I've made good friends with Natalia Mazaur, LadyLibre, and SleepMyBella (and I also beta for the first two out of sheer admiration for their awesome talent!!). On Wattpad I've made too many friends to keep track of--seriously. But with each chapter I get to respond to their many perceptive comments and kind words of encouragement, and I am so blessed to befriend so many writers!!

The best comments I receive on Wattpad are from readers who either 1) hate Twilight, or 2) hate fan fiction, but end up loving Pinned but Fluttering!! Talk about the ultimate compliment!!!

As a special treat, here's the beginning of Her Wedding Day:

She was utterly breathtaking.

Sure, she wobbled just a little as she started down the aisle on her father's arm. Only my sharpened sight noticed the slight catch in her stride and the nervous tightening of her hand on Charlie's arm.

But that was my Bella.

Once she raised her eyes from the ground on which she carefully stepped, her beautiful brown eyes latched onto mine, and I could see nothing else.

I'm sure that her dress was perfect—lovely and graceful on her slim form, modestly outlining her curves in a way that would drive me distracted later.

Later...much later...I would peel that dress off of my beloved, and slowly, surely, we would become one in body as we were becoming one in heart and mind and soul in mere moments.

But I couldn't focus on her dress now; I could only see her warm, chocolate eyes—melted chocolate—as warmth and emotion filled them. I could feel my own eyes burning oddly, too.

Our love was like that...full, warm, complete.

It seemed as though it took hours for Charlie to walk his daughter down the aisle, but it was mere seconds.
But somehow, during the passage of these mere seconds, I changed...from a boy to a man. My age and appearance may remain the same, but I would never be that boy again.

I was ready, so ready, to step up and become the husband of Isabella Marie Swan.

After eons of gazing deeply into each others' souls as she drew ever nearer on her father's arm, she was here.

At my side.

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Serenity's Prayer by ladylibre

My Guardian Destroyer by Natalia Mazaur

(And yes, I beta the last two!)


Well, it's 1:00 AM, so I suppose I ought to attempt to sleep sometime....

Love to you all--



  1. I am so touched by this post that I hardly know what to say. But just know that I tell anyone who will listen that by far, the best aspect of becoming a reader and writer in the fanfic world has been my friendship with you. I learn so much from your comments, your humor, and even the way you write. I am honored that you want to Beta for me, and I consider our friendship one of the best gifts I received last year. Here's to our continued camaraderie and communion in 2012 and beyond!

    Love you, Lady!
    - ladylibre

  2. You're very welcome, sweetie!!! :) I sooo enjoy my friendship with you and count it among one of the greatest things about writing in the fan fiction world!! :) Thank you for your kind words and thoughtfulness; I soooo appreciate you!!! :)

    Gonna go finish writing Ch 24 of PbF!!
    --Cassandra :)


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