Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Excerpt from New Story

On Monday morning, I responded to a reader who asked if I would be writing a sequel to Evening Star, my first book-length fan fic. I told her that I wouldn't, but that my plan was to write several short stories from all four books, written from Edward's point of view. 

As I wrote the reply, an idea flashed through my mind along with the opening words to this new story. I sat down at my laptop and started typing, writing several pages of this story. I hope to work on this story this week during my vacation; we'll see how quickly I can finish it. 

The first title I gave the story was "Death and Life," but I've changed it now to "Resurrected." Here is a short excerpt for you; I hope you enjoy it!

But it couldn't be true.

Bella would never do...that.

She had promised. I remembered how dead her eyes looked when she had promised.
Perhaps Bella took great satisfaction in breaking her promises; god knows I broke all of the promises I had made to her...or had been on the cusp of doing so for months. 
I didn't know where I was walking. The streets were packed shoulder-to-shoulder with humans who shoved against my frozen body, but I didn't care. My eyes must have been black with thirst since I hadn't been able to feed in months, yet not one human scent tempted me despite their proximity.

Only when I thought back later to this scene did I realize that the people walking toward me were frightened by my blank stare, my eyes dead and black within a perfect white face. More than one thought I was the angel of death.

And really, I was.

The angel of my own death.

Because I knew exactly what I was going to do.

After all, the plan had been made long ago—a year ago when pursuing Bella through the shimmering streets of Phoenix to save her from James. I knew then what I knew now. 

I can not live in a world in which Isabella Marie Swan does not exist.

As I walked, I crushed the vibrating cell phone in my hand, tossing it into the nearest trash receptacle.

I didn't care who was calling.
They weren't going to stop me.

I will be posting the finished story on both Wattpad.com and FanFiction.net as soon as I complete it. I'm really excited about this short story; I just love writing from Edward's POV. He is such a fascinating character with so many intriguing facets.

Thanks for reading!! And I'll be posting the new chapter of Pinned but Fluttering tonight as well; Chapter 38 has turned out to be a pivotal chapter, and I hope that you all like it!! 

PS Sorry for the weird font sizes within the excerpt; Blogger is being a pain tonight! 

Take care, my friends~
~Cassandra :) 

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  1. I couldn't read this teaser fast enough!!! That was exquisitely painful and so beautiful that my heart hurts. Once again, I just wanna hold that foolish, heartbroken boy and rock him until he knows that everything will be all right.

    I CANNOT WAIT for the completion of this story!!!!


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