Saturday, June 2, 2012

Back at the Keyboard Again....

Yes, my essays are all graded and returned, and my co-op class grades are all computed and distributed. Such a relief!! So despite the fact that I still have two weeks of homeschooling and two weeks of the online Shakespeare workshop class I'm teaching, the vast majority of my work is done for the school year. 

Which means...I'll have time to write!!! Yay!!!

So you can expect weekly Pinned but Fluttering chapters again, plus a few one-shots popping up here and there. I have jotted down some new ideas and can't wait to write them out. And of course they'll all be written in EPOV. Naturally.  

I do start part-time work for the website where I teach online courses in July, so I won't have a completely relaxed summer, plus I'll be teaching an online class in writing fan fiction for students ages 13-18 starting July 9 and going for four weeks. Here's the link if you're interested: Brave Writer Fan Fiction Class. Registration for this class opens Monday, June 4. The class is expensive, but for $50/week, you'll get a lot of hand-holding and feedback as we discuss trends in the fan fiction genre and produce a one-shot with a great deal of feedback from me and other students in the class. 

I've been reading some incredible fan fics lately, too. Check out the sidebar to see the list of fan fics I've read this year, plus the list of my favorite completed fics.  Enjoy!!! 

I was absolutely enthralled by pattyrose's It Will Be As If I'd Never Existed. Incredible story of the Cullens' reappearance in Bella's life nearly five years after Edward left Bella. Check out the lists for some other excellent fics. 

Okay, I'm going to get to writing today, but I wanted to give you all a little update. Thanks for sticking with me through this crazy-busy time; your reward is on its way with Chapter 35 of Pinned but Fluttering this weekend!! 

Take care, my friends,

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