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Excerpt from "Pinned but Fluttering" Chapter 31

I stayed up until two o'clock in the morning, working on this chapter. I have about four pages written so far, so I'm about halfway done with the rough draft. My hope is to post the completed chapter by Saturday at the latest.

Thanks for your lovely support and encouragement! It's because of YOU that I stay up writing at two in the frickin' morning!! :) 

So let me know what you think, okay?


From Chapter 30:

“Esme, you'll tell me the truth, right?” I asked. 
Esme nodded, her forehead creased with concern as she gently squeezed my hand in encouragement.

“Okay,” I repeated, psyching myself up to ask the real question now. I looked at her steadily, ignoring the spiking of my heart as I asked quietly, “Esme, I know that you can't tell me much about what you all really are, but I need to know one thing. Just one thing.”

I took a deep breath, then whispered, “Esme, is it really, truly safe for me to stay here with your family?” 

Chapter 31: 

Esme's eyes never left mine, but I felt her grip on my hand tighten almost imperceptibly. She hesitated for a moment, then opened her mouth to answer my question as two figures appeared in the doorway with a suddenness that made me jump with surprise. 
Carlisle and Edward entered my room together, both of their expressions grim. From the frequent glances that Carlisle kept directing toward Edward, I caught Carlisle's anxiety...he was worried about Edward.

But why? 

It didn't help that Esme was giving Edward similar worried looks.

What the hell was going on here? 

As the silence stretched, I became impatient. I scooted myself up in my bed to a sitting position, declining Esme's quiet offer of help. She did shift a couple of pillows behind my back to help me sit up more comfortably, and I gave her with a thin smile of thanks.

“Will someone please answer my question?” I asked, trying to keep the impatience out of my voice but unable to suppress a slight nervous quiver. “Is it really safe for me to stay here with you all?”

Carlisle and Edward spoke at exactly the same time, their emphatic voices overlapping but still easily understood. “Of course you're safe in our home,” Carlisle started, then stopped as Edward's voice overtook his in intensity as well as volume.

“No, you are in great danger if you stay here,” Edward stated flatly. Then as Carlisle stopped speaking, Edward continued alone, “You are in danger at this very moment, as you have been since you first set foot on the grounds of Forks High School.” The sincerity of his midnight black eyes bore into mine, and I couldn't stop the shiver of fear racing up my spine. 

Here, at last, was the Truth.

 “Edward, you're exaggerating. Don't frighten Bella, dear,” Esme pleaded.

“No,” Edward raised his voice slightly as he turned to his mother. “I am not exaggerating in the slightest, and Isabella needs to be frightened that she leaves...and never returns.”

Okay, there it is. I'm still working on "On Our Way Home," too; I'm just not sure when I'll finish it. Although I'm off next week, I have a lot going of grading to do for my online and co-op classes, plus it's my daughter's 20th birthday on Easter Monday, so we'll probably go see Titanic in 3D. 

And I have massive grading to do all day Tuesday and Wednesday, then classes to teach all day Thursday, then taking the boys to tutoring, then to lessons on Friday. So this week is MY week for writing the extra story and getting ahead on my other ones (yes, I'm working on three right now--all for YOU!). 

So we'll see how this week pans out and how much I can get done while still trying to REST during my break.... ;) 

Much love to you all,
Cassandra :)  


  1. oh no! I thought there was more!!! Oh well, time to tap into the patience i reserve specifically for your continue to write at 2 in the morning.. :D Lovely as always.

    1. There will be soon as I complete the story!! :) This is a rough draft, too, so it will change, and I'll be adding in more details.

      Glad you enjoyed it!! Thanks for commenting!! :)

      Cassandra :)

  2. Dude! Aarrruughhh! You're killing me here! Why do you do this to me? Are you *trying* to send me spiraling into cardiac arrest? You will one day, I just know it.

    (Hang on a minute, I need a moment to recover from my massive fan-girling attack over this little blurb.) I adore this. It looks simply delicious. They way Carlisle tried to soothe her and placate her, and Edward just cut right through the crap and told her the truth. Love it, love it, love it. I honestly cannot wait now. :)

    Happy 20th birthday to your daughter, hun! Give her a hug for me, and save me a piece of cake! ;)

    Love ya lotz! (Yes, I just used a "z" in place for an "s." I should be ashamed.) :D

    1. Thank you, darlin' (said with the best Jasper-ish drawl),

      Yep...Edward just cuts right through it all and blurts it out, all in concern for Bella. Gotta love him for that.

      I have the chapter halfway done and plan to write more tonight. I'm really liking it.

      If you have time, go back through my reviews for PbF on and read the one from LadyLibre--she's **amazing**--both you and she always express what I'm trying to accomplish without my knowing I'm doing it. Make sense?

      Anyway, I'm in a tearing hurry--Maundy Thursday service tonight!! One of my fave services of the year!!

      Love you lotz, too,
      Cassandra :)

  3. Oh no!!!!! Wow, finally, it comes out! I can't wait to see what her reaction is going to be. You left us at a perfect spot for a cliffhanger that is going to drive me nuts for the next few days until you post the entire chapter.
    I don't know why, but I'm almost a little surprised that Edward actually said that, and in the way he did. It is obvious that he is already drawn to her in way other than blood lust and it must tear him apart to actually say those things, knowing that she may choose to leave and he would never see her again.
    Of course, knowing the story, I highly doubt she is going anywhere, but still...he doesn't know that.
    Or am I wrong? Is he not feeling that love for her quite yet, but only the blood lust?
    I can just see the progression of his character forming and it's really exciting.

    So many questions and so many possibilities!

    Loving it and looking forward to the rest of the chapter!


    1. Well, you know how protective Edward is, LOL! He'd rather have her safe and away than there with him and in danger (ref. New Moon). And Bella may surprise you.... ;)

      He's definitely in love; she's not so sure. She's drawn to him but is still confused about her feelings for him. In a way, she trusts him more than Carlisle at this point, which is strange, but it's just that chemistry.... ;)

      I'm going to work on it more tonight! We'll see how it goes....

      Cassandra :)

    2. Very true. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of it when you get the chance to post. I can't wait to see what her reaction is going to be!

      ~NamelessOne :)

    3. I just hope you enjoy it!! I have the rough draft done and just need to polish it now.

      I hope it measures up to everyone's expectations! :)

      Cassandra :)

  4. OOh I am in such an excited frenzy right now!! I cannot wait to read her reaction!! I am on two weeks holidays - I'm spending the time "studying" and reading alot, so this snippet has made my day! (I MUCH prefer it to studying population density, LOL!)
    Oh my fangirling heart melts when Edward gets all protective - I just love it!
    I can feel it in my bones, Cassandra, this chapter is going to be fantastic! But ALL your chapters are always fantastic!!
    Love ya!
    Aveen :)

    1. I just hope that this chapter meets your expectations!! I have it nearly roughed out--still have to write the ending, but I know what's going to happen.

      I just hope that you all like it!!

      Your fan-girling is awfully cute!! :)

      Thanks for your kind comments and lovely enthusiasm!!

      Love ya back,
      Cassandra :)

  5. very good keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Tiffanie!! It's almost done--just needs one more time through to polish it up a bit. :)

      Thank you for your encouragement and support!! :)

      Cassandra :)


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