Friday, September 23, 2011

Milestone for Evening Star

I am thrilled to report that Evening Star is just about to pass 100,000 reads and 1000 votes on Wattpad.

That's a fairly important milestone. There are some stories on Wattpad that have gone practically viral, with over a million reads. But passing 100,000 is still quite impressive. Wattpad has over one million registered users, so my first little fan fic (and only second work of fiction since college) attracting a very respectable number of readers is very satisfying.

Of course, as the readers/writers are mostly teen girls who compose most of their stories directly into Wattpad without editing, revising, or proofreading, my stories would look quite professional by comparison.

If only I could receive similar readership on although I suspect that my stories would need a great deal more sex to become truly popular there. I have barely 150 reviews for 47 chapters which is pretty discouraging. certainly hosts more discerning readers and a much higher quality of writing. "Betas," or story editors, help writers to revise and edit their work, thus creating a far more professional product than what one sees on Wattpad. I have been invited to become a Beta on, but I'm still helping one writer on Wattpad with her story plus I have enough grading to do IRL.

Being a writing teacher has both its privileges and its drawbacks.

I am almost finished with Chapter 3 of Pinned but Fluttering; I'll update it over the weekend. I haven't started Chapter 48 of Evening Star yet but hope to get to it over the weekend as well, despite all the teaching work I have to do: grading outlines and preparing new lessons for my online class and preparing handouts for my two co-op classes for next week, besides doing our own three boys' school planning for the upcoming week.

I just finished a few decent fics this week--nothing extraordinary, but solid reads, if you're interested. Here are the titles, authors, and links:

The Tutor by ItzMegan73

Distractions by windchymes

Blood Lines also by windchymes

Out of the three, Blood Lines was my favorite by far--a fresh take on the events after Eclipse with a very different plot line that takes us through Edward and Bella's wedding and parenthood. Very, very intriguing, and a wonderful explanation for Edward's reluctance for sex with Bella and his own feelings of inadequacy. Very well done and definitely recommended.

So, have a pleasant and productive weekend, my friends, and I'll be chatting at you very soon!


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