Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Story: Only by Moonlight

Today I posted the Prologue to my new fan fiction story, Only by Moonlight. I'll add the links to the sidebar later today for Wattpad and FanFiction.net.

This story has been wandering around in my brain for over a year. I plan to edit it later into an original story that I may try to publish...if it ends up being good enough. 

I posted this Prologue exactly two months to the day after I posted the Epilogue for Pinned but Fluttering. It's been weird being away for two months, but after more than two years of posting weekly chapters (and sometimes more often!), I needed the break. Besides, my work schedule has been crazy between the co-op high school writing class I teach and the three online classes I taught over two months (in addition to homeschooling our three teenaged sons). So taking a break from writing only made sense. 

But I really missed it. I missed the freedom of letting ideas flow, of following my characters as they speak and act and think and ponder and wonder. And I missed the sense of accomplishment that came with posting a completed chapter each week. But mostly I missed hearing from my regular readers on both Wattpad and FFN. I've made some wonderful friends, and not posting my writing to them made me feel off-kilter over the past two months.

And for the first time, I have a pre-reader!! The lovely and immensely-talented ladylibre has agreed to pre-read for me and keep me from committing grave errors (and she already caught two major ones in the first chapter alone!). So don't miss reading her superb stories Black Ice and Serenity's Prayer; they're both top-notch!! 

We both knocked our heads together for several days, trying to come up with a title. My dear ladylibre suggested using "Moonlight" in the title, and as I was flipping through images to make the book cover, I saw a book cover for Sometimes by Moonlight which I tweaked to the more appropriate Only by Moonlight. 

Finally. That lack of title has been driving me crazy. I designed the simple book cover although I'm hoping that someone vastly more talented will come along and offer to make me a really nice one. But I do like this one well enough for now and will be content even if no one steps forward to design a proper cover for Only by Moonlight.

My plan is to write on Friday evenings and Saturdays, then get the chapter to my delightful pre-reader, then edit it during the next week and post it the following weekend. I have Chapter One almost ready to post since my pre-reader already went through it,so it will be up this coming weekend (March 9th-10th). 

I'm glad to be back to writing, and perhaps you'll hear more from me now that I'm back among the living...I mean, the writing. ;)

~Cassandra :)

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