Saturday, January 5, 2013

Note on Epilogue....

Yes, I'm still working on the PbF Epilogue. I ended up throwing out almost the whole thing and starting over because I didn't like what I had written--about 2000 words worth. 

And my husband had surgery yesterday out of state, and he'll be flown back Sunday morning, plus all three of my boys are sick, and from the way I'm feeling, I'm wondering if I'm getting it, too. I'm also finishing up the editing of a huge project I've been working on since July, and I start teaching two new online classes on Monday. Oh, and I have a stack of essays to grade. 

But I am working on the epilogue--I hope to have it up by tonight. I have it in second draft shape right now, and I'll have a ton of photos to post here on the blog. With the twist the epilogue has taken, I may be leaving it wide open for a possible sequel, but I doubt I'll write one. It feels "done" to me right now, but I did leave a few loose threads if I want to return to it later.

So, anyway, I am working on it, and I appreciate your patience. 

Much love,
Cassandra :)

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