Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Readers, Beloved Readers

I still pinch myself every time I log onto Wattpad and view my profile. I simply can't believe the enthusiasm and support I receive from my readers on a daily basis.

This week Evening Star topped 150,000 reads, and Pinned but Fluttering is a mere 25 reads from passing 70,000 reads...which will happen within the next hour or two.

My total vote count for all of my works (two stories and four poems) has passed 3,000. My comments are very nearly to that point.

Each time I post a new chapter to Pinned but Fluttering, I have to spend a few hours responding to the fans who comment. It's wonderful that they do comment--but replying to fifty-some comments twice a week can take up a great deal of time...time I could spend writing.

I had to abandon my twice-weekly updating schedule this weekend because of Christmas, but I will return to posting new chapters of Pinned but Fluttering on Wednesdays and Saturdays this week. I post to FanFiction.net as well as to Wattpad, and I finally passed the 100 review-mark for Pinned but Fluttering last week. Yay!

I'm already working on Chapter 19 and will jot down a little more before bed tonight.

And I hope you like the updates to my blog--inspiration provided by That One Nerdy Girl who walked me through some Blogger upgrades I was unaware of. Thank you, my dear!!

So off to writing I go....



  1. Whoa! Look at this new snazzy blog! :) It looks great, hun. I'm super happy I could help. :)

    And holy potatoes! I'm always stunned to see exactly *how* popular your stories are, and then I burst into a dance. Congrats! I shall now pop some virtual champagne and pass around cigars for this milestone! (But not really. My mom would box my ears if she ever saw me with cigars or alcohol. LOL!) :D

  2. Nope, I wouldn't have updated this blog if it weren't for you, missy!! Thanks for leting me shamelessly pillage your blog for ideas. Here I've been blogging for 5 years and on Blogger for 4 years, and you breeze on in here this month and teach this ancient dog some pretty cool new tricks!! :) Thanks muchly!!!

    Virtual champagne should be all right--we can get virtually tipsy!! :P Cigars I can do without--stinky buggers! Even the virtual ones. Yuck.

    But I'll virtually dance with you--at least I can do that! Cuz virtual dancing means I don't need my blasted cane!! ;)

    Love you, girlfriend--you up-early-thing!! I'm heading off to bed now since it's nearly 3 AM....

    --Cassandra :)


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